September 16, 2006

Blog Competition!

Posted in competition at 6:36 pm by scrapbookdesigns

Hello, we thought we would have some fun on the blog today. In the below bowl there are delicious, yummy, fluffy marshmellows.  The photo could be mini ones or normal size ones, it could be a small or a large bowl! There are somewhat between 50-250 pieces. But how many are there exactly?     How to play:  Submit a guess by hitting the comment button which is located underneath the photo. You may only submit 1 guess. You need to leave your email address, name and guess as a comment. You need to look at the guesses everyone else has made and make sure you choose a different number.  We will only take one name for each number so don’t wait too long before you have a go.


The competition will end in two weeks, Sat 30th September at 1pm. Cheeky staff, no you may not play!! The prize is a surprise!! Good luck everyone! Exact guess or nearest to will be taken as winner.



  1. Robyn Bailey said,

    There has to be around or lets see 239! Unless you cheeky girls are eating them & then I bet there are not any left for me!!! It is snowing here & I will need them for my hot chocolate! Love you all & miss you terribly

  2. Roseann Branson said,


  3. Kelly Winstanley said,

    Haha girls – you are too funny. Anyway I guess 168 – and following from Robyns comment I hope there is someone in charge of making sure no-one eats them!
    Have a good one

  4. Hi Ladies, have been regularly reading your blog and am enjoying it very much. I would like to guess 222. Many thanks Natalie Briney

  5. Deb Bell said,

    Hi all-my first time to this page.Looks great!!! Especially the marshmellows.My guess is 137

  6. Melissa Halleen said,

    Good Morning. Marnee & I think there is 310 marshmallows in your bowl. ( I bet there were more eaten than what went into the bowl!!)
    Have a great day…..

  7. Melissa Halleen said,

    OOOPPPS.. take 2.!
    we now have reread the first email & think that there is….
    249 in the bowl.

  8. Irene Maher said,

    Hi Girls, It looks like we know you all too well. My guess is that the bowl probably had 612 to start with but now my guess would be 217. Lucky they’re not maltezers or there wouldn’t be any left by now. Have a great day, see ya soon.

  9. JulieH-O said,

    Hi girls, I guess that there is 197 marshmellows in the bowl. They’d be delicious in Rocky Road!

  10. Sally kirkwood said,


  11. Stephanie Treeby said,

    I was going to say 197, but dont want to be the same, so will say 209

  12. Katika Jones said,

    ummm bout 170 i think

  13. Elaine Renton said,


  14. Lisa said,

    Hey I’m up there with Robyn
    Bailey and know that she was almost right. But then knowing those girls have eaten a few so my guess is
    so now keep those sticky fingers out of the bowl. xxx

  15. Bev Crane said,

    My Guess 246 ?????

  16. Debbie Rae said,

    My guess is 202 yummy marshmallows!!!

  17. Evonne Stone said,

    Guessing there might be around 241 mashmallow?????

  18. Alison Bentley said,

    I guess it doesnt matter just how many the girls may have eaten, As long as they dont eat anymore…!!! Honsetly girls , I’ll bet you were playing Fluffy Bunnies with them werent you…! 🙂
    I guess 235 marshmallows.

  19. Sharon Bush said,

    I guess 198.

  20. Cindy said,

    I think 111-thanks guys for such a great bolg-you guys rock. Will be down your way next week or so, so whatch out i am going to be armed with the hubby’s credit card and eating the marshamllows will be just the start!!!!!
    I have heard that you have got some great stock in (but it goes really fast) so i might give you a call and see if you can put a couple of things away fro me!
    See you soon, dont eat the marshmallows before i get there!!!
    Kind kuddles

  21. Alison Fenwick said,

    My guess is 148.

  22. Allyson Crosswell said,

    Hi girls. Love the blog.
    Hope my guess for the marshmallows is right – 206 – yummy

  23. kerry grose said,

    hmmm my guess is 179

  24. Lisa said,

    I know that we arn’t meant to have a second guess but I recon by now there is a big fat -0- left they would have enjoyed every single one of them by now…….

  25. Debbie Napier said,

    I think that there’s around 228 marshmallows in there.

  26. kylie said,

    I think there is about 167

  27. Sarah Lister said,

    hrmmmmmm… mmmm MMMM!! lol.. i fink there are about 172… 🙂

  28. Christine Radford said,

    I bet there are’t any left. I would hae eaten them aiso given the chance.
    I think there are 200. Or I should say there were .

  29. Terri Bell said,

    Hi Ladies – Hello from Sunny Karratha. Miss the shop already! My guess is 134 – if they were up here it would only be 1 with the heat they would have melted together.

  30. Good luck to everyone!! We’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow at 1pm!!

  31. Liz Pinker said,

    Hello Everyone,
    I think there is about a 139, fingers crossed and good lyck to all

  32. wendy marshall said,

    Hello I think there are 236 marshmallows 🙂


  33. Sally said,

    112 Love it!

  34. Ros said,

    I’m going to check out the new papers.
    Haven’t had much time to scrapbook for a while.
    So sad!

  35. tammy said,


  36. Pam Hall said,

    Hi Girls,
    I think there is 205. Pam

  37. Ann said,

    i’m guessing 99 as marshmallows – they are basically air & are fat free so that makes them almost calorie free especially when you share them……

  38. Sandy Wilson said,

    Hi everyone

    I love marshmallows but I think there is only 226 in there.

  39. Congrats to Yvonne Stone ..241 was correct!!

  40. Jen said,

    Well done for correct guess,
    i tried and tried to work it out
    but most of all i was left in doubt
    so no vote from me was safest way
    Now no extra kilos too worry about my way!
    Happy marshmallow eating Yvonne Stone
    Please dont eat them all alone:)

  41. Peata said,

    i think there are 213

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