September 17, 2006

New ATC Swap – Join us!!

Posted in ATC, swap at 12:57 pm by scrapbookdesigns

Good Morning! For anyone who thinks they are seeing double, the below information was on the blog previously but taken off due to the delay in download time of the photos.  It has been reworked and now should be heaps quicker to view.  The photos are from our last swap with a HERITAGE theme. You can click on each ATC to get a bigger view then just hit your back button to return to the ATC’s. We have already started receiving entries for our new blue and white swap and they are just gorgeous.  Well done to those of you that are so organised! If you are new to our blog or need a refresh here are the details and invitation to join our 3rd ATC swap:  ATC SWAP   Theme: Blue & White

  • Your finished ATC Entries must be presented in only blue & white, although there are many shades of blue remember!  You could stick to one blue or combine your shades for fun!
  • Please make cards 2.5” x 3.5” in size, metric measure is 6.5cm x 9cm.
  • Each set should have 6 ATC cards looking exactly the same.
  • Make up no more than 4 sets as a maximum please.
  • For every 6 cards you make, receive 5 totally different ones back.
  • Add to the back of your ATC’s, your name, email address and name or title of set.
  • Closing Date is: Saturday 30th September 2006.
  • If you would like us to send your swapped ATC’s back in the post, please include a self addressed envelope with $1 worth of postage stamps for every 10 ATC’s. (anywhere in Australia)
  • Scrapbook Designs keeps the 6th ATC from everyone to showcase in the store and on the blog.
  • Please feel free to pass this info onto anyone you know that may like to join the swap!! 

 wendy-brade-2.jpg  wendy-brade-1.jpg  tracey-bower-2.jpg tracey-bower-1.jpg ros-jones.jpg melissa-halleen.jpg madison-tuckey-2.jpg madison-tuckey-1.jpg lisa-mantell-5.jpg lisa-mantell-4.jpg lisa-mantell-3.jpg lisa-mantell-2.jpg lisa-mantell-1.jpg kerry-grose.jpg kasey-king-2.jpg kasey-king-1.jpg julie-hetherington-2.jpg julie-hetherington-1.jpg jodie-collinge.jpg helen-tee.jpg elaine-powell-2.jpg elaine-powell-1.jpg beverley-crane.jpg anne-mcintosh-4.jpg anne-mcintosh-3.jpg anne-mcintosh-2.jpg anne-mcintosh-1.jpg kylie-leusciatti.jpg



  1. secret said,

    am i allowed to use white paper that has a gold sparkle thru it,

  2. Hi Secret Said,
    you can use anything you wish on your ATC’s. It is best to have a sturdy cardstock as you base though so your card stays in shape and can be handled.

  3. Julie said,

    Hehe, I think you were wondering about the blue and white swap? Don’t tell anyone I said so, but I am sure a gold fleck will be fine. Have fun with them.

    The very casual employee …

  4. Thanks Jules for making sure Secret Said got the right answer. Sorry to misunderstand Secret!

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