September 20, 2006

For a friend

Posted in ideas, samples at 7:34 pm by scrapbookdesigns

A thoughtful handmade friendship card and matching flower container make a lovely gift when given together, all you need to add is the flowers! Have fun making someones day!  Easy instructions below.

Directions: FOR THE TIN – Using an empty,clean mid size milo tin, wrap patterned paper around and mark with pencil at the top and bottom of where the paper meets. Lay the paper flat and match up the marks for cutting. 


  Attach your paper to the tin with double sided tape along the edges. If the seams do not match perfectly you can add a panel of co-ordinating or contrasting paper down the join.  Then large retro flowers were punched out of cardstock and sponged with a complimentary ink around the edges. The persons initial was placed using an alphabet stamp in the middle of the flower.  A ribbon was tied around the tin for the final effect. Then fill 3 quarters of the tin with green florist foam, arrange flowers and top up tin with shred to cover the artists foam, you could also put tinted marbles, small christmas baubles or similar object around the stems.

Directions: FOR THE CARD -Many parts of this card were easy to do such as the daisy punchouts and a simple saying using dye based inkpads placed on contrasting cardstock. The layers and colours are simple and complimentary.  The only real hard bit that needs some further explanation is the beautiful patchwork of thin diagonally placed slivers in pink & olive tones. This is a favourite technique for those of us that like to keep every morsel and cut-off we possibly can find.  Here at Scrapbook, the girls have been known to hide the bin after a workshop cleanup as Elaine will quite gladly fossik and salvage half of the class scraps that most of us wouldn’t even think twice about throwing out!! (and no she is not tight – she just sees potential!) What’s that saying? What is one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure….Anyway back to the card…Scraps are trimmed, arranged and finally secured to a piece of JAC double side sticky paper and attached to the card!


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