September 25, 2006


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Congratulations to the West Coast Eagles!! go the blue and yellow for next Saturday. Remember we are only open till 1pm now on Saturdays so shop in the morning and you’ll be home in time for the real action on the field! BUT if footy bores you to tears and you think going to the dentist for a root canal is more fun, why not join us for 4 hours of uninterrupted inspiring Christmas card making in our Classic Christmas Class, 12pm -4pm Saturday 30th September!!! It won’t cost as much as the dentist and definately won’t hurt as much. (no offence to any dentists out there, we’re a humorous bunch aren’t we!) Ring us on 9842 5714 or email us at




  1. Cindy said,

    Sounds like heaps of fun…but do we get to men running around in footy shorts at the class?? Mind you they all start to look they same after a while, i’ll take making christmas cards over that any day. Hope to see you there!!
    Kind Kuddles
    Cindy S

  2. Cindy, now we could hire some eye candy but then how much cardmaking do you think would get done?
    But…. itdoesn’t mean you can’t sneak a peek at the actual game now and then on our instore TV. See, we think constantly about how to look after all our customers!! PS – (Don’t leave Kelly alone in any room with a large TV full of footy shorts and testosterone! she might forget she is actually teaching the class!!! ), only joking Kel!….. we know that you would rather go to a live game instead….as we know you’re only into it for the sport!!

  3. Cindy said,

    Kel sounds like my type of gal!!! Hope 2 c u soon,

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