October 2, 2006

Hello to our Robyn in Canada! xx

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We would love to send a big hug and wave to our dear friend and past work colleague Robyn Bailey.  For nearly a year now Robyn, her hubby Barclay and their gorgeous daughter Emma have been living in beautiful Canada (see the picture below).  Robyn keeps us girls at Scrapbook Designs and other friends up to date on their news through a monthly email update.  We thought it would be a nice idea if we could share some of their more recent news. If you would like to post a comment to this blog entry saying hello to Robyn yourself, we know she would get a kick out of it as she is a regular blog visitor of ours.


6 Narrow Frames—Black



6 Narrow Frames—Black

August for Robyn meant the end of the 10 week school holidays.  Emma is doing well, settled completely into school and has made friends, pretty good we’d say for a kid that has travelled from Western Australia to the other side of the world!  Barclay is Canadian and gathering from Robyns emails, enjoying his change of pace and trade of professions from  Detective Bailey to Bus Driver Barclay on the local primary school route.  As for Robyn!  we know she will always miss Albany, Perth and Western Australia but she has kept herself busy making friends, sightseeing like a tourist, taking great photos, entertaining Barclays family and persuing her artistic endeavors! (basically doing everything!!).   We miss Robyn lots and lots, she was Scrapbook Designs 1st ever employee and brought lots of smiles to those she  taught in classes and served in the store. We hope one day she will walk through the doors and ask for her job back but we’re not holding our breath. For now we wish her all the best in this  adventure and look forward to her email stories from afar!  Robyn tells us she is making lots of stuff for family members for Christmas gifts and we are hoping that closer to Christmas, she might share by putting some photos up for you to look at (that is, if she gets time to take some photos between making White Christmas and those delicious Plum Puddings Robyn was so good at making!!).  Ah! those plum puddings. We got to experience quite a few at Scrapbook Designs, purely as tasting consultants you understand. With Robyn too far away to drop off a tupperware container or two, we are quite happy to work on someone else’s behalf for this very important job this year so send your Christmas Fare Samples our way and we’ll soon tell you what we think. Cheeky aren’t we!

 Don’t forget to take this opportunity to send a hello to Robyn yourself !  Just hit the comment button below.


  1. Julie said,

    Hi Robyn, so good to see you in this glorious photo!! I think of you often, especially when I am having one of those a— moments, that only you understand. So looking forward to seeing more of your work.
    Hugs, Julie

  2. Sandry McKenney said,

    Hi Robyn
    You and Emma look sooo great and the snow is soooo beautiful. Where is the photo taken? One of those beautiful lakes in Alberta?
    Hope you are spending time scrapping and enjoying your time over there. Thinking of you
    Sandy McKenney

  3. Sandry McKenney said,

    oops – can’t spell my name – sorry
    Sandy McKenney

  4. Robyn Bailey said,

    Well looky here – I am famous. Thankyou sooo much for the lovely article & to all of you who have sent well wishes our way. We are all safe & well & heading straight inot yet another winter. Getting colder by the day – only 2 degrees this morning & didnt move a notch over 7 all day!
    Sandy the photo was taken at Lake Minnewanka (say Minnawonka) just on the outskirts of Banff in Alberta.
    A big congratulations to Evonne on guessing the correct number of marshmallows, but girls couldnt you have eaten 2 so I could\’ve won?????
    Anyway a big hug to all at Scrapbook Designs & all my favourite customers! I miss the inspiration & companionship so much. Have found places to buy product, but not the inspirational shop/staff to go with it. Have been crafting up a storm & plan to send some your way…..Use them for display or classes whatever winds your crank!
    Love to you all = thin of us in the snow!


  5. Lisa said,

    Hi Rob,
    So glad that you and family have settled in and your finding time for creating. These cybo links makes it feel that your still so close not the other side of the world.
    My fab studio is completed and I spend every spare moment fuddling up here, I have produced anything fantastic as yet I need alot more time and a huge amount of inspiration….bring it on.
    Dont freeze over there and love to all.

  6. Emma said,

    Hey Robyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh my goodness i cant believe you have been gone so long-it has gone so fast yet it feels as if you have been away for ages!! Miss you heaps, miss the laughs, the road trips, away shows, the laughs, your cooking, your amazing work, the laughs and your crack up sense of humour..oh and did i mention the laughs!Hope you guys are having a fab time, Em looks great, you look fab and are you sure that is a real place you are standing at or just in front of one of those pictures at the travel agents????????
    Talk to u soon, Love
    Emma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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