October 6, 2006

Blue and White ATC Swap Entries

Posted in ATC, swap at 8:55 pm by scrapbookdesigns

WOW!!! Below you will find the divine Blue and White ATC Swap entries for our recently held Artist Trading Card swap.  The richness in the different designs and the amazing range of blue tones make each one of these cards unique on their own and stunning to look at together! In store to drool over from tomorrow.  Please hover your mouse over each card to see who made it and click on each to see the fullsize. Then hit your back button to return. Stay posted for our next  ATC SWAP theme & refresh of the guidelines, it will be revealed on the blog over the next day or so. Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget we still upload to the blog even on Saturdays and Sundays, so there’s always news to catch up on. The Scrapbook Designs team!

tracey-bower-2.jpg tracey-bower-1.jpg melissa-halleen.jpg lisa-mantell-4.jpg lisa-mantell-3.jpg lisa-mantell-2.jpg lisa-mantell-1.jpg lee-anne-devlin.jpg kasey-king-3.jpg kasey-king-2.jpg kasey-king-1.jpg julie-hetherington.jpg jodie-collinge-3.jpg jodie-collinge-2.jpg jodie-collinge-1.jpg jan-stockdale-2.jpg jan-stockdale-1.jpg jane-carter.jpg jackie-davis.jpg emma-hall-3.jpg emma-hall-2.jpg emma-hall-1.jpg kerry-grose.jpg  wendy-brade2.jpgwendy-brade1.jpg nikki-blowers.jpg madison-tuckey1.jpg madison-tuckey2.jpg kylie-leusciatti2.jpg kylie-leusciatti1.jpg janene-tuckey3.jpg janene-tuckey2.jpg janene-tuckey1.jpg helen-tee1.JPG



  1. this was the 1st of our swaps that I have missed and it is with regret. The entries are superb. It’s unbelievable the creativity we all have inside us. There are 33 entries and none of them are even similar! Congratulations everyone, I’m blue and white with envy, I’ll make sure I won’t miss another ATC swap now! Elaine

  2. Anonymous said,

    those atcs are all GORGEOUS!!

  3. Emma said,

    Just got my ATC today and LOVE all of them.Everyone has done such an unreal job. Well done to elaine, kelly and the girls for such cool swaps-keep it up, i now cant wait for the next one. Thanks heaps, emma xx

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