October 13, 2006


Posted in ATC, swap at 9:48 am by scrapbookdesigns

Join us for the 4th Scrapbook Designs ATC Swap!!  As our swaps gain popularity and more participants jump on board, we have seen an abudance of inspiring designs and talent.  The new theme for the current ATC SWAP is  “Oriental” and we can’t wait to see the entries when they start arriving.  There are no colour restrictions in this round so the skys the limit! There are lots of ORIENTAL bits and pieces you will find at the store if you are in need of supplies.  Below are the rules for you to view. Please refresh yourself on them as there have been some changes since our 1st couple of swaps.


  • Please make ATC cards 2.5” x 3.5” in size, metric measure is 6.5cm x 9cm.
  • Your ATC’s must include some hand stamped imagery.
  • Each set should have 6 ATC cards looking exactly the same.
  • Make up no more than 4 sets as a maximum please.
  • For every 6 cards you make, receive 5 totally different ones back.
  • Add to the back of your ATC’s, your name, email address and name or title of set.
  • Closing Date is: Saturday 11th November 2006.
  • If you would like us to send your swapped ATC’s back in the post, please include a self addressed envelope with $1 worth of postage stamps for every 10 ATC’s. (anywhere in Australia)
  • Scrapbook Designs keeps the 6th ATC from everyone to showcase in the store and on the blog.
  • Please feel free to pass this info onto anyone you know that may like to join the swap!! 
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    1. Anonymous said,

      That Oriental Image is gorgeous.Is it a paper, digitally designed, or what?? i just want one its yummy

    2. nancy said,

      If i want to join up to this particular swap, do i need to place my name on to a list like other swaps around?.. how do you keep record of who is in it?

    3. Dear Nancy
      The best bit of our swaps is that you don’t have to sign up. If you want to be part of a Scrapbook Designs swap you just follow the guidelines and have your entries to us by the mentioned date. The ATC’s are then swapped between the participants that have sent in entries and redistributed. Hope this answers your question!

      Hi Anon
      the above design is a scanned paper image!!

    4. Julie said,

      Hi Girls
      I finished my first set today, and think I may just do a second! Love the theme.

    5. Ms M Sheridan & Ms H Campbell said,

      hello there dears,

      Hilda and i are both from Perth, and just learnt about atcs, every wednesday we go to craft and learn cardmaking & scrapbooking. Last weeks craft session we were lucky enough to learn the fine art of atcs. Just wondering, are we allowed to pop in some sets, even though we are Perth based?
      Only asking, because some stores dont allow out of towns people.

      Hope you can help

      Ms Sheridan

    6. Hi Girls
      welcome to the Scrapbook Designs ATC swap, no matter where you are in Australia, the rules are the same. How fantastic that you are in Perth and wanting to join our swap! Hopefully you’ll get time to get your entries in and can become a regular Scrapbook Designs ATC Swap junkie!!
      The Team @ Scrapbook Designs

      PS: Julie, always look forward to your entries, I wonder what they will look like for this Oriental theme, can’t wait to see them. Hugs Elaine

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