October 24, 2006

Shadow & Background Stamps…

Posted in projects, samples, stamps, stock at 2:11 am by scrapbookdesigns

Have you seen stamps that look like the ones below and never really known what they are or how to use them? 


They are typically called shadow or background stamps and usually presented in blocked out shapes such as squares, circles, ovals, rectangles and stamps with repeatitive patterns such as the dots above that you can see.  To work with shadow stamps, it is easy to get a result that is interesting and with the variety of inks available you are spoilt for choice when it comes to using them in your projects! Inks such as Brilliance and VersaMagic have an opaque finish which means that when you use 2 or more colours on top of each other, they will show through each other.


TIPS: Use smaller shadow stamps on your scrapbook pages and cards behind alphabet stamps for the letters to really stand out.  Stamp shadow stamps with dye based inks, when dry use smaller stamps over the shadow stamp with embossing powder for a stand out finish!   Shadow stamps are also fantastic for repeatitive backgrounds on small or large projects.


  1. shavell said,

    wonderful work!

  2. shavell said,

    the red is so pretty its my grandfather color he love!

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