November 16, 2006

A Beautiful Dress

Posted in ideas, photos, ribbons, samples at 10:20 pm by scrapbookdesigns

Just another reason for Lisa to have such a big home studio! What a beautiful way she has found to showcase her gazillions of ribbons! A fabulous idea and a great excuse to purchase such a wonderful piece. Lisa did you justify it to Rick by the fact that it was “decorative yet elegantly functional addition to the family home as it could also be classified as “storage”?  Hehe!  For everyone out there, Lisa has passed on that her “lady” isn’t finished and she still has quite a bare backside! I’m sure it won’t take Lisa long to rectify that!

lisas-ribbon-girl.jpg lisas-ribbon-girl-2.jpg


  1. Robyn said,

    Love it Lis, would like her in my house – just whisper to me where you found her !!!

  2. Lisa said,

    Hi Robyn,
    Sorry you cant have this little beauty. But I have seen some just like her at Things and I have seen other ladys arround. Make sure they are sturdy when they stand some cheaper models are quiet flimsy depending on what you want to store on them. I do have another lovely lady and she came from Collections in Toy World.
    Have fun
    xxx Lis

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