November 19, 2006

Oriental ATC Swap

Posted in ATC, Free, ideas, swap at 9:38 pm by scrapbookdesigns

Below are the 34 amazing entries we received by 16 talented particpants joining our latest ATC swap with Oriental as the theme. WOW!  Every ATC swap we hold just gets bigger and better.  Stay tuned as we post our new theme and all the details you will need to enter.  As it’s FREE and FUN, joining our ATC Swaps mean that you get to swap ideas with other paper artists!! Of course like usual, we have these ATC entries in STORE now for you to see in the flesh with all our past swaps too! Hope to see YOU enter the next one! Click on each thumbnail below for a bigger picture!

wendy-brade-2.jpg wendy-brade-1.jpg tracey-bower-2.jpg tracey-bower-1.jpg melissa-halleen-1.jpg madison-tuckey-2.jpg madison-tuckey-1.jpg lisa-mantell-4.jpg lisa-mantell-3.jpg lisa-mantell-2.jpg lisa-mantell-1.jpg kylie-mell-1.jpg kylie-leusciatti-2.jpg kylie-leusciatti-1.jpg kasey-king-2.jpg kasey-king-1.jpg julie-hetherington-3.jpg`julie-hetherington-2.jpg julie-hetherington-1.jpg janene-tuckey-1.jpg jan-stockdale-2.jpg jan-stockdale-1.jpg jacqui-hamblin-2.jpg jacqui-hamblin.JPG jackie-davis-2.jpg jackie-davis-1.jpg helen-tee-3.jpg helen-tee-2.jpg helen-tee-1.jpg emma-hall-2.jpg emma-hall-1.jpg anne-mcintosh-3.jpg anne-mcintosh-2.jpg anne-mcintosh-1.jpg



  1. These are all gorgeous! Next swap, I will try and get my act together and join….Take care Natalie B

  2. Julie said,

    I got mine back yesterday. They are all so beautiful. Please do look at them closely as there is so much detail. Thank you so much to everyone who participated – some of you will be getting “How did youdo that?” e-mails from me this week. Huge thanks to Elaine who sorts them all, and for the bonus goodies (A kimono folding pattern, deluxe napkin and a couple of paper swatches).

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