November 26, 2006

Chipboard Know How

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Chipboard is so much fun to play with, did you know that “chipboard” in Australia is more commonly known as the humble cardboard? Lots of people of course would associate it with the building material but in our industry it means cool funky cardboard embellishments which is way more fun!. Chipboard comes in all different sizes, colours and shapes.  We are particularly fond of the Deluxe Designs range.  For some simple guidelines & photos on basic chipboard altering  know how, check below. For even more great ideas on using the Deluxe Designs chipboard shapes check out their layout page

plain-jane-chipboard.jpg plain-janes-chipboard.jpg

Whether they be simple and subtle chipboard shapes or crazy hip designs, there are some basic principals that you can use over and over again to suit your projects.

 wrapping-chipboard.jpg sanding-chipboard.jpg

Covering chipboard in your favourite paper design can allow you to make 3D embellishments easily, especially if you are using generic shapes such as squares and rectangles.  Cut a piece of paper about 1.5cm’s larger than the shape.  Turn over the shape and secure the paper to the shape with double sided tape.  You can leave the paper in a natural state or distress around the edges and on the face of the chipboard shape with light sandpaper.  This can soften the edges to a more rounded look if you prefer that.

inking-chipboard.jpg chipboard-stamping.jpg

Another favourite way of altering the plain state of the chipboard is to use ink pads.  You can use any dye based ink pad or ink pad that can dry naturally or assisted with a heatgun.  On the upper left hand side photo we have added an complimentary inkpad around the edges of the paper covered shape and on the other photo we hav given a light coat of white paint on the shape followed by a stamped image. 

opal-on-chipboard.jpg finished-opal-chipboard.jpg

If you use a wet pigment ink you can add embossing powders or opals (thick embossing powder).  You can then leave the shape plain and smooth with a gorgeous gloss on top or while the powder is just melted and still hot, you can press an UNINKED stamp into the surface.  This WILL NOT harm your stamp. The stamp will part with the molten powder and leave a deep impression of the stamp in the shape (see above right hand photo).  


So there you have it! Easy ways to add great texture and dimension to any project with Altered Chipboard Shapes.  Of course, this is just the start, there are oodles more things you can do with raw chipboard…painting, adding rub-ons and stickers, placing holes with an eyelet setters, doodle on them and add photos to them, build them up by placing smaller ones on top of bigger ones, make them into name plates and more!!! Phew! what a great product chipboard is to have a play with!



  1. Natalia said,

    Defenetly trying this!!!

  2. Jo Urton said,

    Have not seen before….need more instruction..

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