December 8, 2006

CRICUT is coming to Town!!

Posted in new stock, news, promo, Provocraft, Reviews at 7:37 am by scrapbookdesigns

OH OH OH or should I be saying HO HO HO!!! Do you want to know a secret? We’re finding it hard to keep the news to ourselves and have been busting to tell! Here goes…..The hottest item on the papercraft planet at the moment is coming to town! That’s right, if you’ve seen it advertised in every magazine and gone gaga over what this baby can do………then you know I’m raving about the Provocraft CricutTM Machine.  We are soon to become an authorised dealer of CricutTM and have have every possible finger and toe crossed that our order is going to arrive JUST in the nick of time for Christmas deliveries. We will be posting on the blog exactly the amount of machines and accessories that will be available for Christmas later today, in the meantime please go to the website for full details on what this baby can do and come back to the blog later today for all the info which will include a special pre-order saving. In the meantime check out the very informative website and watch a demo video, check out the gallery and more to see what this baby can do, you will be amazed, I know we are.  PLEASE NOTE: if you have already asked instore about purchasing CricutTM, then you will receive your call with a chance to be lucky enough to snag one of our 1st shipment machines. If you know you want one DEFINATELY then the ideal thing to do is either email or ring us (please do not comment on this post regarding purchasing) and talk to KASEY (CricutTM Co-ordinator, hehe!).



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