December 11, 2006

Kids School Holiday Workshops

Posted in classes, kids, workshops at 1:20 am by scrapbookdesigns

WOW!! School Holidays have kicked in already.  That means there will be lots of busy mums out there preparing for Christmas.  How about a couple of hours peace and quiet from the boredom of School Holiday Pre-Christmas woes! Below are a “few” participants that came to school holiday classes last year who look (really really) bored hey!! not a chance!”. Check out our December Kids Play Sessions for 5-9 years olds times before Christmas arrives december-2006-class-schedule.pdf. Our January Kids Classes is packed with day sessions, our first ever 5-8yo BOYS ZONE CLASS and a 12-15yo Teenage Girls Silly Sleepover Party.  Adult Classes will be released at the same time so the big kids don’t miss out either!

kid-classes-2.jpg kids-classes-1.jpg


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  1. Looks like so much fun! *Sigh* pity we live so far away, my DD loves all t his sort of stuff.

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