December 12, 2006

Review – Frames are HOT!

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Check out these gorgeous 3D SHADOW BOX FRAMES from Evans & Taylor and what you can do with them!!  (Click for a bigger view) then hit back on your internet browser to return to this page.

frame-1.JPG   frame-2.JPG 

We know people have filled them with lots of different things such as sports medals & ribbons, coin collections & paper tole.  Well yesterday I bought one and boy I am hooked!! I’m sure you will be too when you think of all the possibilities! At the moment there are only 4 more lonely frames left in store at $32.95. We’ll kick off 10% and make them $29.65 for anyone who wants 1, 2, 3 or 4. Actually anyone wanting 4, yell out and we’ll give you an extra 5% off the total.  $112.65 for 4 frames – bargain. The early bird catches the worm!  We’ll put a new post up when they are all gone! Below are the 2 things I have messed around with inside of the shadow box but there are literally heaps more 3D ideas such as baby toys and outfits, shells, war medals and more! I used some collected old stationery items to fill mine. By the way, the frames come with a white canvas background with pins if you are wanting to pin and display immediately.  I put black card in front of the canvas but the stark white contrast would have also looked good. Oh, a tip…if your items aren’t “precious” , then you can blutack for temporary placing to get an idea!


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