January 3, 2007


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We have taken stock of fantastic double thick stretched Westart Canvases.  These quality blank canvases come in 6 sizes (in inches).  We have photo 5×7, square 8×8 and 12×12, rectangular 8×10,10×12 and 8×20 narrow panels. The best news is that prices start at only $2.95! 


Below are a couple of small works of art that Elaine made on two 5×7 canvases.  They are resting on a 12×12 canvas that is currently being layered with gesso, dressmaking patterns and acrylic paints from the Jo Sonja range.



  1. Like what you have done with teh canvas Elaine! Very clever. Do you put the gesso on before the dress making pattern? Do you then layer with Gel Medium, stick dressmaker pattern on, then paint over lightly with JS paints? Enquiring minds would like to know if you dont mind. Looks very funky!


  2. Nat
    you’ve got it! That’s exactly the process I use. When adding the paints to the top of the dressmaking pattern I used a layer of lightly toned paint in a grey/sage mix, let that dry and then when you go over the top with a white or antique cream colour, it really shows through as a highlight on all the crevices the dressmakers pattern has. To get the crevices I just “smooshed” up the pattern when applying it to get the random “crevice” look!
    cheers Elaine

  3. Julie said,

    I have just been in the store and picked up a couple of canvases – they are total bargains! And, Elaine’s beautiful works of art were sitting right there for me to have another look at – just beautiful!

  4. Thanks for sharing Elaine. Just beautiful!

  5. thanks girls for your kind comments

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