January 12, 2007

Tin Magic – how to from Elaine!

Posted in ideas, samples at 8:41 am by scrapbookdesigns

My friend Susie gave me this sweet little sliding tin that held mints in it at one stage.  I knew straight away from the style and the size that I wanted to give it back to her decorated with something handmade inside it for her. The tin itself was light blue in colour and I thought that would look great appearing through at some places. Susie just happens to love the ocean so the base colour worked well in that respect.


Step 1: lightly pre-sand tinware to give it a roughed up surface to work on.

Step 2:apply an overall light coat of brilliance ink pad by just working round the tinware and a pouncing movement.  The idea is just to prepare the surface even better to receive the next layers. Let air dry or speed dry with a heat tool.

Step 3: Using the brilliance ink again give the top of the tin a good coating then sprinkle the beautiful blue Macquarie colour from the Opals (thick embossing powder) range onto the inked surface.  Shake off excess powder and heat set the opals with a heat tool until it melts onto the lid.  I used 2 layers mainly because the top of the tin to give it depth.  On top of the second coat I sprinked lightly onto the hot surface  some blue pearl embossing powder in spots and heat set again.  I made sure not let all the layers melt too much.  This gives a textured hammered worn look.

Step 4: The underside of the tin was altered as the top and the sides were left plain.  Lengths of blue wire were twisted together in a rough rope like finish and then charms were added hanging off the wire with a jump ring.




  1. Ann S said,

    Wow! This is gorgeous! Wish I could think of these ideas. I keep the tins then wonder what to do with them – I guess now I have an idea to work on! Thanks Elaine

  2. Robyn said,

    This looks great – love the swivel holding the “marine” charms.

  3. Lisa said,

    Love it, I may just have to spend some time in the studio today and have a play.
    Your so cleaver.
    xxx Lis

  4. Rowena said,

    Wow Elaine i justlovethis gorgeous little tin i too keepthese things and then think what can i do with it now!!! Thanks for the great idea,now can you tell mewhat to do with paint cans please!
    Keep the ideas coming
    Down in Denmark!!

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