March 8, 2007


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We can’t stop playing with pearlex, it’s addictive!! It has so many applications whether you use it in it’s orginal dry format or whether you choose to mix your powders with other materials.  Pearlex looks amazing too on both white and black cardstock.  The manufacturers Jacquard have some great visual projects and ideas on getting the most out of your pearlex powders and is well worth a look, we have given you the link at the bottom of this tutorial along with a tips page from the RubberStampClub network with lots of instructions & gorgeous samples . In the card below we have used pearlex one of our favourite ways.

Step 1: emboss your stamped image onto black cardstock with pigment ink and black embossing powder.

Step 2: On a plate add a small dash of your chosen pearlex powder from the jar and add a drop of gum arabic (artist binding fluid).  A little goes a long way with both so just start with a small amount and adjust either until you get a beautiful creamy consistent paint.

Step 3: With your brush, pick up some of the paint and colour within the embossed lines of your image.  You will notice that pearlex actually glides over the embossing and settles straight on to your cardstock so filling inbetween the lines of your image is a breeze.

Step 4: As the gum arabic is a binding agent there is no need to seal your work at all.  When dry you are left with beautiful irridescent colours on your cardstock.  The card below is one we made a few years ago but we have used it to show that the pearlex retains it lustre and colour over time.

p1060343_web.jpg p1060345_web.jpg


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