May 4, 2007

Breast Cancer Competition Entries

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Here are all the entries we received in our inagural Pink Ribbon Jigsaw Competition & Fundraiser for Breast Cancer in Australia, .  As you can see from the below pieces, there was no lack of ideas, inspiration and talent by all.  A special big thank you to the few juniors who handed in great jigsaw pieces too, it was wonderful to see women of all ages participate!  Each thumbnail below has the name of the entrant of that jigsaw piece.  For a short cut to photos of the winning entries, go here

charmaine-black.jpg anne-gerlach.jpg ann-smart.jpg ann-smart-1.jpg chris-cairns.jpg ann-smart-3.jpg christine-white.jpg christine-white2.jpg chrystal-cassells-2.jpg crystal-cassells.jpg dawn-higggins.jpg dawn-thomas.jpg donna-green.jpg donna-green-2.jpg emma-hall-1.jpg emma-hall-2.jpg emma-hall-3.jpg france-chevalier.jpg gail-delacey.jpg genevieve-payne.jpg jackie-davis-1.jpg jackie-davis-2.jpg jackie-davis-3.jpg jasmine-seibel.jpg jasmine-seibel-2.jpg julie-guilforle.jpg kerry-svenson.jpg lee-anne-devlin.jpg lisa-mantell-1.jpg lisa-mantell-2.jpg lisa-mantell-3.jpg mia-dawson.jpg natalie-aylmore.jpg natalie-aylmore-2.jpg natalie-briney.jpg peta-delacey-1.jpg shelley-sypko.jpg stephanie-coulson.jpg sue-dobell.jpg 

Upclose photos of the winning entry by Sue Dobell 0f Albany!

sue-dobell2.jpg sue-dobell3.jpg sue-dobell4.jpg


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  1. Simone said,

    wow! these entries are just amazing. Congratulations everyone!

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