October 17, 2009

Cuttlebug Christmas embossing folders

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Yeah, at last they have arrived!!  there are some gorgeous designs among them, in addition they have also made some of them larger – yes!!! hopefully they keep doing this with future designs.  Come on in and see what is available (along with other Christmas stock that is arriving).


March 14, 2009

Cuttlebug Embossing Folders

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Guess what – at long last after all these month, we have some more of the ‘new’ embossing folders arrive!!!  So if you have been patiently waiting for them, they are here ready and waiting for you

March 1, 2007

Lunch tins and pails

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mmmm… Provocraft tin totes, bandaid boxes and lunch pails in white, ready and begging for embellishing. Plain white and sturdy with lots of possibilities, these tinware products are just the thing for that special altered project.  Or……if you are anything like us…you’ll just want them ’cause their CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!


December 8, 2006

December Diary Events

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Hello! Hello! Hello!  Follow this link december-2006-class-schedule.pdf  to share events that we have on for our 2 last weeks of trade for the year! There’s kids sessions, free demo day and Thursday night “SPECIAL LATE TRADING” next Thursday night 6pm-9pm NOT TO BE MISSED!!! But anyway go check out the diary yourself and you will be up to speed on what we’re up to for yourself!!! In the meantime,what a blast we have been having down at  the Scrapbook Designs Store.  Lots of good cheer, FUN, more NEW stock, FUN, more NEW stock, FUN…….you get the idea??? Well we have being learning about the fabulous CricutTM Machine (see last blogpost) and what this amazing machine can do, don’t forget to visit the website www.cricut.com.au where you can watch demonstrations online, check out gallery pages and find out all you need to know about this WONDERFUL INVENTION!!! Now we have still got blog posts to come on stock, specials, CricutTM Machine promo, competitions.  We also will have soon a sizzix die cutting shop area!! yes you heard right! SHOP AREA, which means a chance for you to book times to use the sizzix ANY TIME ANY DAY! Our January Class Diary full of inspiring workshop and kids classes AND much much more!  So we will leave you for this post and catch you soon! Elaine and the gang! PS – please do us a favour and read this https://scrapbookdesigns.wordpress.com/workshops-classes/

CRICUT is coming to Town!!

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OH OH OH or should I be saying HO HO HO!!! Do you want to know a secret? We’re finding it hard to keep the news to ourselves and have been busting to tell! Here goes…..The hottest item on the papercraft planet at the moment is coming to town! That’s right, if you’ve seen it advertised in every magazine and gone gaga over what this baby can do………then you know I’m raving about the Provocraft CricutTM Machine.  We are soon to become an authorised dealer of CricutTM and have have every possible finger and toe crossed that our order is going to arrive JUST in the nick of time for Christmas deliveries. We will be posting on the blog exactly the amount of machines and accessories that will be available for Christmas later today, in the meantime please go to the website for full details on what this baby can do and come back to the blog later today for all the info which will include a special pre-order saving. In the meantime check out the very informative website www.cricut.com.au and watch a demo video, check out the gallery and more to see what this baby can do, you will be amazed, I know we are.  PLEASE NOTE: if you have already asked instore about purchasing CricutTM, then you will receive your call with a chance to be lucky enough to snag one of our 1st shipment machines. If you know you want one DEFINATELY then the ideal thing to do is either email or ring us (please do not comment on this post regarding purchasing) and talk to KASEY (CricutTM Co-ordinator, hehe!).


October 26, 2006

Eyelet Setting Know How

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We have been blown away in the last few months by the ease and success of the Provocraft Silent Eyelet Setter and with new stocks arriving next week we thought that it was time to give this great setter the review it deserves.


The eyelet setter comes in a soft zip locked carry case and apart from the main piece “the handle”, you will find 3 hole punch heads and 3 setter heads for the following eyelet sizes: 1/16″, 1/8″& 3/16″. Also as part of the kit you get a small eyelet mat and a free jar of eyelets! Bargain! Of course eyelets aren’t the only use for this tool.  Use the hole punch heads for making holes in shrink plastic, for tags, to thread ribbon through etc etc.  Because of its design, the eyelet setter can be used on projects of any size at any stage.  This is great for last minute additions right in the middle of a page layout believe me! and all silently, quickly and without a fuss..


STEP 1: Depending on the size of the hole you need to make, slot your chosen punch head into the “handle”, this is easy peasy as it is magnetic!


Step 2: Place your eyelet mat under your project and using an effortless slight  twisting action, press down where you want the eyelet to appear.  In the sample above we are adding an eyelet to the middle of a punched out flower.


Step 3: Pop your eyelet into the hole. Pretty basic we know BUT there are still some “newbies” out there that don’t know about eyelets but this tool makes it SOOOO easy!


Step 4: Flip over your project. Wow that’s hard isn’t it!


Step 5: Change the punch head for the setter head of the same size.  The 3 different sizes are etched on the side of each punch and setter head.  Alternatively if you keep your setter stored in its pack, you can write the size for each above it.  This makes quick reference as you can pull out the punch and matching setter head at the same time.


Step 6: Voila, flip over and your project is finished!!  This will be our last shipment of eyelet setters we get in before Christmas and they go fast! If you would like one put aside or need more info, contact us at scrapbookdesigns@westnet.com.au