February 21, 2007

Ribbon Flair

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If you’re anything like us girls here at Scrapbook Designs, you probably find yourself with smallish pieces of ribbons left over from projects.  Too small for anything major, these bits like your paper scraps, sit patiently in a corner of your craft room and don’t get much of a real look in.  Just as you rifle through your supplies you suddenly notice the ribbon offcuts and as the stash has grown, so too has the colour choice.  Suddenly 15 shades of pink appear, 12 splashes of black and white for those next ATC entries are spotted and suddenly that little pile of ribbon scraps doesn’t seem that boring at all!  Apart from adding as extras to your projects, ribbons can also become the focus.  Check out this quick Lisa card which is a great example of how ribbon can be used as a main attraction.


Cut a frame (any size) out of your card front.  Tape you ribbon under the edges of the frame from one side to the other.  If you are using sheer ribbon, as a precaution use double sided tape under and over your ribbon placement for strength. Stick your frame on co-ordinating cardstock.  The card above was a quickie and still gorgeous, but of course there are lots of other bits you could add! A charm dangling from one of the ribbons or knotting, twisting or braiding the ribbons. Oh la la!!! So many ideas……….off you go then!


November 16, 2006

A Beautiful Dress

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Just another reason for Lisa to have such a big home studio! What a beautiful way she has found to showcase her gazillions of ribbons! A fabulous idea and a great excuse to purchase such a wonderful piece. Lisa did you justify it to Rick by the fact that it was “decorative yet elegantly functional addition to the family home as it could also be classified as “storage”?  Hehe!  For everyone out there, Lisa has passed on that her “lady” isn’t finished and she still has quite a bare backside! I’m sure it won’t take Lisa long to rectify that!

lisas-ribbon-girl.jpg lisas-ribbon-girl-2.jpg